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Witchhazel Vernal Shrubs

Witchhazel  Vernal Shrubs

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The Vernal Witch-hazel Hamamelis vernalis is a deciduous winter-blooming shrub with a rounded habit which typically grows 6-10 tall with a somewhat larger spread. It is noted for its extremely early (January to February-March) and lengthy (to 4 weeks) bloom period. The fragrant globular flower clusters have variable coloration but flowers most frequently have yellow petals and reddish inner calyxes. Ovate dull green leaves (2-5) turn an attractive golden yellow in autumn. Extract obtained from the leaves bark and stems was formerly used medicinally by native Americans for inter alia external treatment of sprains bruises and inflammations..
Witchhazel Vernal Shrubs
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Witchhazel Common Shrubs

Witchhazel  Common Shrubs

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The Common Witch-Hazel Hamamelis virginiana is extraordinary in its flowering habits. It flowers in late October to early December. Many times its slender yellow petals are the only signs of color in the dormant woods. Witch-hazel is pollinated by the winter moth. After pollination the fruits become dormant for the winter developing over the following growing season and maturing in the fall 10-12 months after pollination. Seeds are dispersed by gravity or are eaten and excreted by birds. Witch-hazel seeds germinate the following spring or enter the seed bank. Early growth is slow and in fact remains slow throughout the life of the tree in its typical shady habitat. As individuals witch-hazel probably does not live more than 100 years but they reproduce from root sprouts and clones may live for a very long time.

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Spiraea Tor Shrubs

Spiraea  Tor Shrubs

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The Spirea Tor Spiraea betuliflia Tor is a compact spirea reaching a height and width of 2-3 ft. Its tiny white flower clusters are set against a backdrop of deep green leaves that are almost iridescent in the summer. Foliage turns a deep purplish-red in the fall. The flowers are attractive to butterflies. Light shearing will encourage repeat bloom. Tor blooms on new wood so pruning in late winter or early spring is recommended. Because of its small size and excellent attributes Tor spirea makes a great foundation shrub.

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Yew Margarita Shrubs

Yew  Margarita Shrubs

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The Yew Margarita Taxus m. Margarita a Proven Winners selection is a cool lime green evergreen with a healthy color. Margarita will not burn or turn ugly like some other forms of Yews. Magarita always looks fresh and bright. This Yew will add some cool green color to the landscape. Margarita prefers well drained soil that is moist and a acid to neutral PH.

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Yew Densiformus Shrubs

Yew  Densiformus Shrubs

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The Dens Yew or Yew Densiformus Taxus x media Densiformis is one of the most popular evergreens shrubs today. This very popular yew is a rapid grower with a spreading habit and fluffy bright green needles. With a plant height of 4 and a width of 6 the dark green foliage adds color to every garden. Plant in full shade in a moist area for it is intolerant of poor drainage and can be damaged if exposed to excessive winter sun and wind. This low maintenance shrub has dark green foliage that will turn a nice red to burgundy color in the fall. Tolerant to deer pollution rabbits and seashore breezes this evergreen is not to be left out of any landscape.

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Holly Shrubs

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Winterberry Ilex verticillata is a deciduous Ilex with bright scarlet winter persistent fruit. This native plant forms an oval rounded shape and has deep rich green foliage that develops a yellow fall color. Winterberries are the queens of the fruiting shrub world when ranked for ornamental value. The fruiting branches are great for decoration in the garden or in the house. The leaves drop off the plant in late fall to expose the beautiful berries. Youll need both male and female plants to produce fruits.. A wonderful shrub for winter interest this Winterberry shrub reaches 6-8 feet in height and width. It is one of the best plants for fall and winter color. Winterberry holly will attract songbirds to your property the fruit of winterberry holly serving as an emergency food source for birds.

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Hydrangea Pia Shrubs

Hydrangea  Pia Shrubs

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Pia Bigleaf Hydrangea Hydrangea macrophylla Pia is one of the smallest of the hydrangeas making it excellent for the smaller garden. A It is a profuse bloomer bearing 3-4 wide rich dark-pink flowers in mid to late summer and has a red tint to the foliage in fall. It tolerates full sun only if grown with consistently moist soils. Soil pH generally affects the flower color of species plants namely blue in highly acidic soils and lilac to pink (occasionally red) in slightly acidic to alkaline soils. Add aluminum sulfate to the soil to make the flowers bluer or add lime to the soil to make the flowers pinker (begin soil treatments well in advance of flowering as in late autumn or early spring). Pia Bigleaf is a deciduous shrub with a rounded habit that grows to 2 to 3 feet in height and width. Crown hardy in zone 5 and best planted in group or mass in a sheltered location in the shrub border.

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Snowberry Red Shrubs

Snowberry  Red Shrubs

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Red Snowberry symphoricarpos orbiculatus has light yellow flushed rose flowers that bloom in late June along branches of blue-green foliage. It then produces clusters of small and persistent purple-red berries that makes a great food for the birds. Red Snowberry is an excellent plant for erosion control and can be planted in shade or sun. It grows 3-5 feet tall and 4-8 feet wide and should be pruned in early spring so current seasons growth can produce flowers and fruit. Red Snowberry sends runners along the ground and is smaller and more arching in habit than the White Snowberry which is more upright. It thrives in average well drained soil is shade tolerant attracts birds and is deer resistant. The berries are great for cutting and arrangements.

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Buttonbush Shrubs

Buttonbush Shrubs

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The Buttonbush Cephalanthus occidentalis is a rounded 6 to 8 feet tall and occasionally reaqching 10 to 12 feet tall shrub. It is very open almost gangly in habit. The late emerging foliage leaves the shrub almost dead looking until late spring. Flowers are creamy-white on spherical heads 1 to 1 1/4 inches long blooming in late summer. The fruit is a nutlet that persists through winter. It prefers moist situations not dry tolerant and best used for naturalizing in wet areas. Native from New Brunswick to Florida west to Minnesota Oklahoma and southern New Mexico Arizona California into Mexico and Cuba.

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