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The White Walnut tree Juglans cinerea also known as White walnut and Butternut tree is a small to medium-sized tree. This tree has a short trunk which is divided into a few ascending limbs with large spreading sparsely forked branches. The smaller branches tend to bend downwards and then turn up at the ends. The crown is open broad irregular in outline and rounded at the top. The root system is composed of a number of wide-spreading laterals that grow to a considerable depth. Usually a taproot develops in deep soils. White Walnut trees grows fast especially as a seedling but usually does not live longer than 75 years. Nuts resemble Black Walnut but smaller with an oily spicy flavor. Tree is best known for the rich quality of its wood. It makes a good shade tree..
White Walnut Trees
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Black Walnut Trees

Black Walnut Trees

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The Black Walnut tree Juglans nigra is prized for its wood and shade. Black Walnut trees are a large moderately growing majestic tree. This deciduous tree makes a wonderful shade tree and when planted for a wood plantation makes a great long-term investment. This tree has moderate water requirements and is tolerant to drought. It has massive upright spreading open branches. The nuts are large and plump and crack out of the shell easily. The roots of the black walnut produce a substance known as juglone (5-hydroxy-alpha-napthaquinone). This biochemical is toxic to many plants such as the tomato potato black and blue berries and other plants that may grow within a 50 to 60 foot radius of the trunk. Not all plants are sensitive to juglone and many trees vines shrubs and flowers will thrive in close proximity to a Black Walnut tree.

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Black Walnut Carpathia Trees

Black Walnut  Carpathia Trees

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The Carpathian Black Walnut tree Juglans nigra Carpathian can be planted as a nut bearing landscape tree. Common names for the Carpathian Black Walnut tree are Persian Walnut English Walnut Carpathian Walnut and Madeira Nut. This deciduous tree bears nuts that are thin-shelled and easy to open. The trees crown is rounded spreading and open. The best growth and nut production comes when it is placed in deep dry light loamy soils. Carpathian Black Walnut trees are self-pollinating but they will normally do better with another neighboring Black Walnut. This selection comes from parent trees in central Michigan where trees crop abundantly although winter temps plunge to -34 F. It is an excellent shade tree that bears excellent thin shell English Walnuts.

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Black Walnut Thomas Black Trees

Black Walnut  Thomas Black Trees

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The Thomas Black Black Walnut tree Juglans nigra Thomas Black is one of the most popular nut trees in America not only because of its expensive wood but the nuts are in high demand for cookies cakes and ice-cream. The Thomas strain is the best seedgrown clone of all. It produces many bushels of nuts large in size and easily cracked. The straw colored kernels are tangy flavored and delicious. This deciduous majestic shade tree is one of the trouble free trees to grow. Black Walnust trees reach up to 50 ft. tall and one mature tree often sells for several thousand dollars. Many people plant these trees not only for the abundant crop of nuts but as a timber investment for their childrens future. The nuts are rounder in shape than common walnut.

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White Ash Trees

White Ash Trees

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The White Ash tree Fraxinus Americana is a handsome native tree. It develops an open and rather round topped crown in its old age. This is the largest of the ash trees in North America. Mature trunks can reach almost 6 feet in diameter. This deciduous tree has firm gray bark with diamond-shaped furrows and interlacing ridges. The tree grows in the rich moist well-drained soil of bottomlands and other soil types on not-so-dry slopes. The size and value of White Ash trees makes this one of the primary commercial hardwoods in the United States. The wood is hard strong elastic and very useful. Several kinds of birds eat the fruit. The foliage is dark green in the summer and turns to yellow or maroon in the fall. It is tall stately and long lived.

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White Oak Trees

White Oak Trees

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The White Oak tree Quercus alba is a great majestic long-lived tree that will last for generations. It is an excellent wildlife source of food mass in the form of acorns. This deciduous shade tree has moderate water requirements and has a moderate tolerance to salt and alkali soils. Does best on deep moist well-drained acid soils. This tree grows at a moderate pace. The White Oak is pyramidal in youth and then develops broad crown with age. The dense foliage is bluish-green to reddish-brown in fall. The White Oak is the tree from which the phrase The Mighty Oak was coined. It is an excellent specimen tree needing plenty of room to mature properly. Advantages of the White Oak are that they are easily transplanted when young and they have a high resistance to ice breakage and oak wilt. They require very little maintenance.

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Swamp White Oak Trees

Swamp White Oak Trees

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The Swamp White Oak tree Quercus bicolor is a beautiful native tree with lustrous heavy textured leaves with wavy margins. This rugged oak grows well in either upland or swampy areas. It is tolerant of poorly drained sites and frequently is found in heavy mucky soils. The Swamp White Oak is a rapidly growing tree that flowers in spring. The acorns mature and are shed in September or October of the same year. The Swamp White Oak is a long-lived tree that may reach 300 to 350 years old. The name bicolor refers to the two-colored leaf shining dark green above and velvety white pubescence below turning golden in the fall. This deciduous tree has a rounded open habit. Swamp Oak trees transplant easily. It casts dense shade. The sweet acorns are eaten by whitetail deer mallards wood ducks wild turkeys squirrels woodpeckers and smaller rodents.

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White Mulberry Trees

White Mulberry Trees

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The White Mulberry tree Morus Alba Tatarica has many common names such as White mulberry Russian mulberry Silkworm mulberry and Moral blanco. The White Mulberry is an excellent and handsome shade tree and is often planted on field edges in irrigated semi-arid lands where it is also valued for fruit poles and timber. This deciduous trees has a deep-rooting habit which makes it a suitable tree for linear plantings. It is a widely grown fruit which can be eaten fresh preserved vinified or in some semi-arid areas dried for winter use. Mulberries thrive in full sun and dislike crowded conditions; they prefer deep soils and need good drainage; they are frost resistant. Mulberries thrive over a very wide range of warm temperate sub-tropical and tropical conditions.

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White Spruce Trees

White Spruce Trees

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The White Spruce tree Picea glauca has many common names including the Western White Spruce Canadian Spruce Alberta Spruce Alberta White Spruce Black Hills Spruce Skunk Spruce Cat Spruce and Porsild Spruce. This conifer is a very hardy evergreen tree. White Spruce trees can grow rapidly if placed in a well drained location and it is adaptable to many soil types. It makes a beautiful Christmas tree ornamental specimen when planted as a single or it can be a steady windbreak when planted in rows.

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