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Tomatillo Toma Verde Seeds

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The Tomatillo Toma Verde Physalis ixocarpa has a unique flavor that makes an indescribably tasty Salsa Verde a salsa some say is far superior to red salsa. Toma Verde Tomatillo is adapted to grow successfully in wide range of climates. These papery-husked wonders prefer growing conditions similar to tomatoes but they will handle a lot more heat and drought than tomatoes. Toma Verde grow quickly and produces in both southern and northern climates. Tomatillos are also called husk tomatoes.Plant Tomatillos in the spring 2 weeks after the last frost and when soil temperatures are warm. Give tomatallo lots of space. Plant in average garden soil with some organic matter. Fruits should be harvested when they almost fill the husk but are still green in color..
Tomatillo Toma Verde Seeds
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The Hardy Ice Plant Mersa Verde Delosperma Mersa Verde is a wonderful ground cover that has single dark salmon blooms. The foliage which makes this plant a real winner is deep green almost succulent looking and extremely shinny. Delosperma has a plant spread of 12 and a height of 2 For best results plant Delosperma Mersa Verde in a sunny area with some afternoon shade with well- drained soil. It does prefer dry and sandy soil and does not like wet soil in the winter. Hot conditions keep the flowers blooming most of the summer and it requires little to no care. Delosperma looks great as a ground cover in a rock garden or in front of a perennial border. PPAF

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Ounce packet contains Santas Favorite Flowers really our North American Mix of 27 annuals and perennial flowers. Great for any gardener.

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The University of California released this remarkable grass in 2003. UC Verde produces a dense turf of soft bright-green very fine leaf blades. Due to its inability to handle humidty it is an excellent choice for the dry hot conditions found in th

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The Grass Cat Oats Avena sativa is an important part of a cats diet. We have chosen the best grass for cats Oat Grass. It provides nutrients and is a good digestive aid. Plant this grass to keep your cats from eating potentially harmful house plants. It assists cats with furball elimination and provides certain vitamins and mineral to the cats diet.Place Oat Grass seed by a window and the window light will supply enough light to get Oat Grass to the 2 to 4 inch height needed for cats to start munching down. Normal household temperatures is ideal for germination and plant growth. Place seeds in potting soil to start the growth process. Use a container that is over 6 inches in diameter so the cats will not knock over the container.

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The Monkshood Aconitum napellus is a wonderfully different perennial for your shade garden. Monkshood perform best in shade under trees or on the east or north side of a house. The flowers occur in clusters along tall spikes. Flowers are deep blue to blue and have 1 to 2 inch high hoods. Monkshood takes 2 to 3 years to bloom from seed. They bloom from late summer into early fall.Monkshood prefers shady locations. They will withstand sun but they must be watered constantly. Monkshood requires soils that are high in organic matter and the soil must be moist but not soggy. Plant in late fall or early spring. They are used for cut flowers and shade gardens. Note: All parts of the plant are poisonous especially the roots.

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The Moonflower Ipomoea alba has twisted buds that unfurl at dusk to reveal huge white blossoms that are deliciously fragrant. Locate this fast growing vine on a porch near an entrance or under a window where you can enjoy its evening performance

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The Zinnia Cut and Come Again Zinnia elegans pumila displays hot shades of orange pink and scarlet flowers .Cut these old-fashioned blooms for your bouquets and flowers will come again producing continuously from early summer until first frost

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The Anise Pimpinella anisum was so enjoyed by the Romans they could pay taxes with anise. The seeds and leaves are tasty and they are also useful for medicinal purposes. Anise seed has a sweet licorice flavor and is used to intensify sweetness in cakes pastries and cookies. Also either alone or combined with cinnamon or bay compliments duck pork or fish. The leaves are also added to salads soups and vegetables. Tea or ground seeds are said to aid in digestion. Chewed anise removes bad odors from the mouth.Anise is a tall plant with rounded leaves at the base and narrow leaves further up the upright stem. The yellowish-white flowers occur in umbels during the summer. Plant after the last spring frost when soil temperatures are warm. Anise prefers a protected spot because it grows spindly and is easily damaged by wind. The soil should be fairly rich and well drained.

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