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Shamrock Charmed« Wine Annuals

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Shamrock Charmed Wine Oxalis Charmed® Wine PPAF has violet shamrock-shaped leaves that are graced with dainty white flowers. Oxalis Charmed Wine makes a great statement in shady areas. Oxalis is also adaptable as a house plant for year around enjoyment. The white flowers are actually blushed with a maroon hue that do something really neat when they get wet. The blush is accentuated and it looks like a wine stain on white fabric. The Charmed series of oxalis can be grown in beds containers and window boxes outdoors or indoors under lights or in a sunny window. Oxalis Charmed Wine is the most colorful of the series with its velvety wine-colored angular leaves. This plant can be a perennial in zones 9-11. In zones 3-8 it is an annual only..
Shamrock Charmed« Wine Annuals
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The Coleus Dipt in Wine Coleus hybrid has large leaves of burgundy red with lighter veins running nearly the entire length. The bright gold at the base of each leaf extends to the petiole (leaf stem). These new bigger sun loving varieties have re

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The Hydrangia Shamrock Hydrangea macrophylla Shamrock a Proven Winners selection is a nice new variety of hydrangea that is delicate and more refined than other mophead hydrangias. Shamrock will begin to bloom in July with pink or blue flowers depending on soil PH and as the season goes along the flowers will deepen into a rich red or violet. Shamrock blooms for a long time and the plant is more compact than other varieties. Place this plant in moist well drained soils.

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Shamrock« Linden Trees

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The Shamrock® Linden Tilia cordata Baileyi is a vigorous grower that has a broad conical form. The open branching creates a less dense shade. It displays fragrant yellow flowers in summer. The shiny dark green foliage develops a yellowish-green fall color. It requires full sun to light shade and prefers moist deep fertile well drained soils. This Linden is tolerant of difficult growing sites and soils is urban and pollution tolerant. It attracts bees when in bloom. It is best used for farmstead windbreaks and park trees in open landscape areas because of its large size and spreading root system.

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Shamrock Burgundy Spring Bulbs

Shamrock  Burgundy Spring Bulbs

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The Burgundy Shamrock Oxalis Triangularis is a delightful container plant covered with pink star-shaped flowers. The handsome foliage is rich burgundy red with large shamrock-shaped leaves. These plants are deer resistant. The Burgundy Shamrock is hardy in zones 7-10.

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The Daisy Crème Argyranthemum frutescens is a fantastic release from Proven Selections. The Daisy Creme exhibits fast growth and is wonderfully floriferous grower for baskets borders and landscapes. Creme has a compact mounding habit. The cream colored blooms are very attractive. Daisys require a sunny spot with fertile well-drained soil and should be kept well watered in the summer. Daisys may be used as a cut flower and they are excellent in window boxes pots and rock gardens. The daisy is attractive to bees butterflies and/or birds plus they are resistant to deer. These Daisys are winter hardy to USDA Zones 10-11 and they are grown as an annual in other cooler climatic zones. Deadhead spent flowers to encourage additional bloom. The deeply cut dark green leaves are aromatic when bruised.For zones 9-11 this plant can also be a perennial.

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The Fuchsia European Uprights™ Sun Ray Fuchsia hybrid is a heat tolerant hybrid. Talk about tough European gardeners actually grow these varieties in full sun. Along with outstanding heat tolerance they also feature upright growth habits love

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The Tomato Better Boy Lycopersicon lycopersicum is a popular all around hybrid featuring high yields of smooth textured fruit with excellent flavor. The Better Boy tomato has been a household name among home gardeners for years. Better Boy tomatoes consistently produces good yields of smooth large flavorful tomatoes that weigh about 1/2 to 1 pound each. The Better Boy tomatoes are deep red and meaty and have dense foliage cover so fruits are less likely to get sun scald.Tomatoes should be planted outside after the last average frost date. In warm winter/hot summer areas tomatoes can be planted in early fall for winter harvest. Tomatoes prefer well drained soil that is high in organic matter. Tomatoes need at least 1 inch of water a week. Soak to depth of 6 to 10 inches when watering. They need at least 6 hours of direct sunlight a day.

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Licorice Annuals

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The Licorice White Licorice Helichrysum petiolare exhibits vigorous growth and elegant silver-frosted foliage. This plant will let you do a little to get a lot. Licorice plants are exceptionally easy to grow requiring little fertilizer. The Petite Licorice has fine foliage and is a compact grower. This plant is an excellent choice for hanging baskets or mixed containers. Its especially useful in mixed containers as it tends to grow outward which makes a planter or basket look larger. Licorice do best in a well drained soil either in beds or containers. White Licorice produces small flowers that are insignificant and can be removed. In warmer zones this plant can also be a perennial.

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