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Privet  Regel Shrubs

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The Regel Privet Ligustrum obtusifolium var. regelianum is a low shrub with spreading branches. The small fragrant white flowers are freely produced followed by dark blue berries that persist into the winter. Regel Privet works well as a specimen or in masses. It is a semi-evergreen to deciduous fast growing shrub. Regel has an upright oval to radiating rounded growth habit in youth maturing to an arching vase growth habit with age. It can be pruned to create a formal hedge. Regel Privet prefers moist well-drained soils in full sun in humid southern environments but is one of the better deciduous hedges for northern climates. It is highly adaptable to many urban stress situations..
Privet Regel Shrubs
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Privet Cheyenne Shrubs

Privet  Cheyenne Shrubs

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The Privet Cheyenne Ligustrum vulgare Cheyenne is the hardiest of this species even withstanding the rugged winters of Zone 4 locations. It grows into a heavily branched dense plant. Cheyennes are well-suited for hedges or foundation plantings as it can be kept trimmed to any desired height from 18 inches to 4 feet. The glossy deep green foliage remains until late fall. Plant in full to part sun.

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Privet Londense Shrubs

Privet  Londense Shrubs

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The Londense Privet Ligustrum vulgare lodense is a dwarf privet hedge plant. It is very dense and compact. Ideal for a low hedge. Dark green foliage with white flowers. If left untrimmed it will reach a height of 4 feet. This privet is grown as a hedge plant because it tolerates shearing and is quite dense. The plant is densely branched but quite irregular in shape if not sheared. Privet tolerate most light exposures but is not as dense in the shade. It is easily transplanted and grows rapidly and it retains its leaves into late fall.

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Privet Golden Vicary Shrubs

Privet  Golden Vicary Shrubs

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Golden Vicary Privet Ligustrum x vicaryi is a compact vase shaped shrub with long slender leaves that hold their golden color through the summer if grown in full sun. Excellent plant for hedges or as a contrast plant in the landscape. Prefers a moist well-drained soil. This lovely golden-leafed privet grows 8-12 feet high by 6-8 feet wide and has a vase-like or oval shape. Upright stems are covered with bright golden leaves in full sun light green in shade. It is valued for its golden leaves. Tolerates dry soil and looks its best when not pruned. Golden Vicary Privet prefers sun to partial shade; best appearance for leaf color is in full sun. Use as a specimen shrub or small tree in a sunny spot to best display the golden foliage. This makes a handsome foil for darker green material planted in front.

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Privet Chinese South Shrubs

Privet  Chinese South Shrubs

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The Chinese South Privet Ligustrum sinense is an abundant semi-evergreen small tree or large shrub most commonly found invading the understory of moist areas. Copious amounts of fruits are produced. The berries turn black when ripe and are gobbled up by birds which spread the seeds far and wide. The foilage is sometimes so thick that nothing can grow underneath the shrub. It usually reaches a height of 15 feet and has pretty white flowers in the late spring. Its oval leaves are dark green

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Privet Amur North River Shrubs

Privet  Amur North River Shrubs

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The Amur North River Privet Ligustrum amurense is the ideal hedge for a neat clipped appearance. It can be maintained at any height making a thick dense hedge right down to the ground.. The more it is trimmed the thicker this hedge gets. Reaches 12-15 feet tall if left untrimmed. The lustrous green leaves stay on until late fall. The most widely used deciduous hedge in America. It is a hedge that will last a lifetime. Plant one foot apart to start your hedge. It has a very hardy dark green foliage.

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Spiraea Tor Shrubs

Spiraea  Tor Shrubs

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The Spirea Tor Spiraea betuliflia Tor is a compact spirea reaching a height and width of 2-3 ft. Its tiny white flower clusters are set against a backdrop of deep green leaves that are almost iridescent in the summer. Foliage turns a deep purplish-red in the fall. The flowers are attractive to butterflies. Light shearing will encourage repeat bloom. Tor blooms on new wood so pruning in late winter or early spring is recommended. Because of its small size and excellent attributes Tor spirea makes a great foundation shrub.

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Yew Margarita Shrubs

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The Yew Margarita Taxus m. Margarita a Proven Winners selection is a cool lime green evergreen with a healthy color. Margarita will not burn or turn ugly like some other forms of Yews. Magarita always looks fresh and bright. This Yew will add some cool green color to the landscape. Margarita prefers well drained soil that is moist and a acid to neutral PH.

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Yew Densiformus Shrubs

Yew  Densiformus Shrubs

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The Dens Yew or Yew Densiformus Taxus x media Densiformis is one of the most popular evergreens shrubs today. This very popular yew is a rapid grower with a spreading habit and fluffy bright green needles. With a plant height of 4 and a width of 6 the dark green foliage adds color to every garden. Plant in full shade in a moist area for it is intolerant of poor drainage and can be damaged if exposed to excessive winter sun and wind. This low maintenance shrub has dark green foliage that will turn a nice red to burgundy color in the fall. Tolerant to deer pollution rabbits and seashore breezes this evergreen is not to be left out of any landscape.

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