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Orach Red Burgundy Seeds

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The Orach Red Burgandy Atriplex hortensis Burgandy a stunning dark raspberry color that will stand out in any garden. The Burgandy Orach makes a pretty backdrop in flower beds and it has the mild edible spinach-like leaves. Orach is an old kitche.
Orach Red Burgundy Seeds
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The Knautia Burgundy Wine Knautia macedonica has brilliant burgundy to crimson-red pincushions on long stems. Create a sense of drama and mystery in your garden with see-through plants. These medium-tall plants in the front or middle of a bed will entice the viewer without completely obscuring the view beyond. The 2 inch flowers are pin cushion shaped. Burgundy wines bloom from summer to fall.The Knautia prefers full sun to partial shade. They should be deadheaded regularly for continuous bloom. Plant in early spring 2 to 4 weeks before last average frost date. The Burgundy Wines are great for cottage gardens borders and meadows. They also will attract butterflies.

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Seeds from Santa Seeds

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Ounce packet contains Santas Favorite Flowers really our North American Mix of 27 annuals and perennial flowers. Great for any gardener.

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Ajuga Burgundy Glow Perennials

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The Ajuga Burgundy Glow Ajuga reptans is a useful ground cover with short spikes of blue flowers. This Ajuga is one of the most popular forming striking mounds of leaves dappled in green pink and cream. During the wintertime Ajuga Burgund

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Snapdragons Solstice Burgundy Annuals

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The Snapdragon Solstice Burgundy Antirrhinum majus The Snapdragon Solstice Burgundy Antirrhinum majus is a mid-height variety that flowers faster than other varieties of Snapdragons. The 16 to 20 inch plants make a good knee-high garden. The Snapdragon Solstice Burgundy diplays lavish burgundy color and has a spicy scent. Their long bloomtime makes them a garden favorite. Snapdragons prefer cooler weather and produce 1 to 2 inch tubular flowers. This snapdragon is also great for cut flowers.

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Salvia Burgundy Bliss Perennials

Salvia  Burgundy Bliss Perennials

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The Salvia Burgundy Bliss Salvia lyrata has unique white flowers that are kissed with a lavender accent. The evergreen and burgundy foliage gives Burgundy Bliss its name. Blooming from June to October the aromatic foliage it makes an attractive accent all summer long. It has a plant height of 12 and a spread of 12-18 and stays in excellent compact form.Salvia Burgundy Bliss should be planted in full sun in a moist well-drained area. To increase bloom time it should be cut back after the first bloom. Burgundy Bliss is a magnet for butterflies bees and hummingbirds and is deer-resistant. It is hardy for container gardening and provides excellent cut flowers. Blooms look wonderful next to Sedum Matrona Achillea Coronation Gold and Salvia Snow Hill.

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Barberry Burgundy Carousel« Shrubs

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Burgundy Carousel® Barberry Berberis thunbergii Bailtwo is an attractive shrub that displays burgundy-purple foliage and can be used as a color accent in the landscape. Makes a good hedge or barrier plant because of the thorns. Prefers moist but well-drained soils. The burgundy-purple leaves add contrast to the landscape; bright red berries in fall attract birds; needs sun. Burgundy Carousel® Barberry has a spreading habit that droops slightly and makes an excellent foundation plant or hedge. It has a height of 3 feet and a spread of 4-5 feet.

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Verbena Superbena Burgundy Annuals

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The Verbena Superbena Burgundy Verbena pedulla (PP14851) displays burgundy super large flowers. It exhibits strong and vigorous growth and combines mildew resistance which are Superbenas specialties. This tremendously improved Verbena is like nothing youve ever seen.This Verbena is perfect for baskets patio containers on balconies and window boxes or as an outstanding flowering ground cover. It is already a mega-seller because of its colors and upright trailing-cascading habit.

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Shamrock Burgundy Spring Bulbs

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The Burgundy Shamrock Oxalis Triangularis is a delightful container plant covered with pink star-shaped flowers. The handsome foliage is rich burgundy red with large shamrock-shaped leaves. These plants are deer resistant. The Burgundy Shamrock is hardy in zones 7-10.

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