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Knautia Macedonica Perennials

Knautia  Macedonica Perennials

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Macedonica Knautia Knautia Macedonica is an upright clump-forming perennial. It features deep purplish-red domed scabiosa-like flower heads atop slender branching stems. These deep wine-red one inch pincushion flowers hold their color well if dried and then can be used in winter floral arrangements. The fresh flowers last well in bouquets as well. Macedonica Knautia is easily grown in average medium well-drained soil in full sun. Though it isnt fussy as to soil types an acid soil rich in organic matter particulary excites it. Remove spent flowers to encourage rebloom in early autumn. For maximum effect plant it in masses along borders in cottage gardens meadows or naturalized areas..
Knautia Macedonica Perennials
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The Knautia Burgundy Wine Knautia macedonica has brilliant burgundy to crimson-red pincushions on long stems. Create a sense of drama and mystery in your garden with see-through plants. These medium-tall plants in the front or middle of a bed will entice the viewer without completely obscuring the view beyond. The 2 inch flowers are pin cushion shaped. Burgundy wines bloom from summer to fall.The Knautia prefers full sun to partial shade. They should be deadheaded regularly for continuous bloom. Plant in early spring 2 to 4 weeks before last average frost date. The Burgundy Wines are great for cottage gardens borders and meadows. They also will attract butterflies.

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The Red Peony Paeonia lactiflora. Although there are many Peonies on the market in this day and age at this time we have chosen unnamed varieties simply pink red and white. Peonies are one of the best cut flowers and are often used in the Midwest t

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The Diascia Red Ace exhibits flowers that are a deep rose pink. It is a popular selection of Twinspur renown for its production of bloom. This is a vigorous selection that benefits from being cut back occasionally to renew foliage and flower power. It is an early bloomer with a compact growth habitPlant in full sun in fertile well drained soil. Keep the soil moist but not soggy. Diascia is probably best suited to be grown in mixed containers hanging baskets or window boxes. Every deck and patio should have at least one Red Ace. The lush foliage with is enhanced by its trailing habit.

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The Persicaria Red Dragon is a wonderful variety in the Persicaria family. With its superb variegated maroon leaves with burgundy heart shaped centers and a white chevron it has a plant height of 2 and a spread of 18-23 The flowers are white and bloom in June and July but this plant is more noted for its foliage.Red Dragon should be planted in a full sun area but can tolerate some afternoon shade. Sun will make the foliage look its best. It does need a well-drained area making sure it is not over watered. Red Dragon will look great in any perennial garden in mixed container woodland edge or near ponds and streams.

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The Sunflower Low Down Helianthus angustifolius Low Down a Blooms of Bressingham plant is a dwarf form of Helianthus First Light. It has a solid mass of deep gold flowers. The fuzzy linear green leaves make a wonderful contrast with the flowers. Low Down has a plant height of 12 and a spread of 20 Helianthus should be planted in full sun with average to well-drained soils. It will grow best with moisture but can tolerate drought. Try Helianthus as cut flowers in the back of beds or borders with Ornamental Grasses or Asters. Birds also love the seeds that are produces. Low Down will give a stunning explosion of color to any perennial garden. PP 13 197

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The Hosta Sum It Up Hosta Sum It Up is a variegated sport of the popular hosta Sum & Substance. It has large deeply veined green leaves with gold outlining each leaf. The lavender flowers of this hosta appear in mid summer however hostas are not known for their flowers. Hostas provide bright color in shade with wonderful foliage and Sum It Up is no exception. Sum It Up will handle partial sun or shade and should be planted in any moist well-drained spot. This low care perennial is ideal for shady spots tubs and patio pots and is one of the most popular landscape plants. A great choice for any beginner gardener.

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The Iris Best Bet Iris x germanica Best Bet is a tall bearded iris that has split colored flowers with light blue on top and dark blue on the bottom. With a velvety texture and beautiful sword-shaped foliage it has a plant height of 34 Best Bet blooms in late spring to early summer and is an easily grown Iris. It prefers average well-drained soil in full sun but will tolerate a little afternoon shade. Best Bet will make a great addition around pools ponds and water gardens and for mass plantings. It can also be used in difficult banks and preventing erosion. They also make magnificent cut flowers and are resistant to deer.

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Peony  Do Tell Perennials

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The Do Tell Peony Paeonia Duchesse de Nemours is an early bloomer with large creamy white double flowers that have soft yellow central petals deepening to pale green. Big 6 inch blossoms are showy and pleasantly fragrant great for cutting and it grows to 3 feet in height. All of our peonies are widely adaptable to most soils across the country. They bloom in mid to late spring and have very large colorful blooms that stand out in the spring garden. Do Tell Peony can handle dry to moist sites and do best in full sun but can handle some light shade. Often thought of as a plant used on the farm or out in the country they bring a little bit of that country feeling to your garden. It is not uncommon to see peonies planted along the driveway or lane in a mass. Southerners should seek out our early bloomers and provide afternoon shade.

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