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The Chinese Flame tree Koelreuteria bipinnata is a deciduous tree that has a round canopy. It is a medium to rapid growing tree with medium green oval leaves. The beautiful yellow flowers 2 long in clusters 8-14 long bloom June-August. The seed pods are long and orange red or salmon-colored papery in color. They are lantern-like in appearance form in fall. Chinese Flame trees are drought tolerant and can tolerate poor drainage poor soils smog and temperature extremes. It does best in full sun. The deep non-invasive roots rarely disturb sidewalks. The beautiful flower clusters attract birds and bees..
Goldenrain TreeChin Flame Trees
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The Flame Willow Salix Willow gets its name from the stems that turn red in late fall and lasts until early spring. It grows multistemmed more like a shrub unless trained otherwise.The Flame willow is very hardy and responds well to pruning. Plant these as specimens or in a line along a border. They grow fast and can be planted as privacy screens where the fall color will be fabulous!

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The Flame Amur Maple tree Acer ginnala is usually a multi-stemmed tree noted for its fiery-red autumn color. Its summer color is green but is mixed with bright red samaras or helicopters in mid summer. Flame Amur Maple trees are extremely hardy and drought resistant once established. They make an excellent screen or hedge. These deciduous trees are best grown in normal garden soil in full sun to partial shade. They are used widely in landscapes as hedge partitions or short tree-shrubs. They leaf out early and cast dense shade. It is a vigorous grower that is very tolerant of temperature extremes. Tolerates somewhat heavy pruning and can be shaped to fit a variety of landscape uses. Transplants easily.

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The Autumn Flame® Red Maple tree Acer rubrum Autumn Flame is a fast growing tree that is also one of the first trees to show fall color. The Autumn Flame® Red Maple has scarlet/green leaves which make for gorgeous fall color. This deciduous trees leaves will always contain a hint of scarlet. It will grow in low lands and can handle excessive moisture. The Autumn Flame® Red Maple is pyramidal when young with ascending branches. The branches develop low and form a dense narrow crown. The lobed leaves are a nice bright green. It requires full sun for best effect. It is not tolerant of drought or very hot dry weather. This tree is a large tree that can achieve a trunk size of three to five feet in diameter. This is truly a beautiful shade tree.

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The Bur Oak tree Quercus macrocarpa is a long-lived majestic oak tree. It is also called the Burr Oak. The Bur Oak is a tall fairly slow-growing long-lived tree highly desirable for windbreaks shelterbelts and ornamental use. It has an impressive crown with a massive trunk which makes it a picturesque specimen. Bur Oak trees adapt to various soils where other oaks may fail. This deciduous tree is tolerant to urban conditions. Autumn colors are yellow-green yellow and yellow brown. The tree will bear acorns in the nursery in ten years.

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The Paw Paw tree Asimina triloba is a multi-stemmed shrub or small tree with short trunk and rounded top that presents a semi-tropical appearance. PawPaw trees average about 15 in height at maturity. It prospers in moist soils and when placed at the edge of a wooded area as an understory tree. It is recognized by its sleepy summer foliage and nodding bright purple flowers in the spring. The unusual 3-lobed flowers are followed by a black edible berry with a taste similar to banana-pear with a custard consistency. This deciduous trees is growing in popularity largely because of the edible fruit it produces. These highly nutritous oval fruits get 2 to 5 inches long and turn yellow-orange when ripe. The fruit is an excellent source of vitamins A and C. Two trees are necessary for pollination reasons. Fall color is a brilliant yellow.

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Pin Oak Trees

Pin Oak Trees

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The Pin Oak tree Quercus palustris is probably the most widely used native oak for landscaping. One of the faster growing oaks; it can grow 12 to 15 over a 5 to 7 year period. Pin Oak trees have moderate water requirements and have a moderate tolerance to salt and alkali soils. This deciduous tree prospers in a range of soil types including wet soils. It has pyramidal dense pendulous lower branches when mature. It loses it lower limbs with age. Young trees and lower branches of older trees hold leaves throughout winter. Transplants well.

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The White Ash tree Fraxinus Americana is a handsome native tree. It develops an open and rather round topped crown in its old age. This is the largest of the ash trees in North America. Mature trunks can reach almost 6 feet in diameter. This deciduous tree has firm gray bark with diamond-shaped furrows and interlacing ridges. The tree grows in the rich moist well-drained soil of bottomlands and other soil types on not-so-dry slopes. The size and value of White Ash trees makes this one of the primary commercial hardwoods in the United States. The wood is hard strong elastic and very useful. Several kinds of birds eat the fruit. The foliage is dark green in the summer and turns to yellow or maroon in the fall. It is tall stately and long lived.

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White Oak Trees

White Oak Trees

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The White Oak tree Quercus alba is a great majestic long-lived tree that will last for generations. It is an excellent wildlife source of food mass in the form of acorns. This deciduous shade tree has moderate water requirements and has a moderate tolerance to salt and alkali soils. Does best on deep moist well-drained acid soils. This tree grows at a moderate pace. The White Oak is pyramidal in youth and then develops broad crown with age. The dense foliage is bluish-green to reddish-brown in fall. The White Oak is the tree from which the phrase The Mighty Oak was coined. It is an excellent specimen tree needing plenty of room to mature properly. Advantages of the White Oak are that they are easily transplanted when young and they have a high resistance to ice breakage and oak wilt. They require very little maintenance.

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