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Forsythia Fiesta Shrubs

Forsythia  Fiesta Shrubs

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Fiesta Forsythia Forsythia Fiesta (PP7 523) is from New Zealand and this plant really shines in the garden. The rich green leaves with cream and gold centers light up the plant all season long. Golden yellow flowers cover the shrub in spring. Fiesta is easily grown in average medium well-drained soils in full sun to part shade but best flower production happens in full sun. It is an upright mounded deciduous shrub which typically grows 2-3 tall with a slightly larger spread. Fiesta is very tolerant of urban conditions. You can group them in borders. plant by foundations or mass them on banks or slopes. No serious insect or disease problems..
Forsythia Fiesta Shrubs
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Forsythia Meadowlark Shrubs

Forsythia  Meadowlark Shrubs

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The Forsythia Meadowlark. Forsythia x Meadowlark is noted for the cold-hardiness of its buds and its blooming ability in exposure to temperatures that are below-zero. Heavier flowering is encouraged if planted in full sun. This fast growing deciduous shrub produces bright yellow flowers. These soft yellow flowers line arching branches in April which creates a 10-foot waterfall of glowing color. A true harbinger of spring!

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Forsythia Sunrise Shrubs

Forsythia  Sunrise Shrubs

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The Forsythia Sunrise Forsythia x Sunrise also known as Border Forsythia and Golden Bell is a deciduous shrub noted for its colorful yellow spring flowers appearing before the foliage. All it requires is a sunny area and well-drained soil. Its also a very easy plant to grow and transplants well.This plant is good in container plantings the border plantings and as a specimen or ground cover. Prune after flowering to keep the plant compact and to thin it out. Sunrises display a purple fall leaf color.

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Forsythia Show Off Shrubs

Forsythia  Show Off Shrubs

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The Forsythia Show Off Forsythia mindia is a new forsythia with large bright yellow flowers that cover the plant from head to foot. The attractive dark green foliage unlike any other forsythia displays season long interest. The Show Off is a dwarf plant with bright yellow flowers produced in the spring. This forsythia will be 2-3 tall with about a 6 spread. This plant would form a very attractive short hedge with showy flowers in the spring and dark green foliage for a eye catching hedge for the summer and fall seasons.

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Forsythia Dwarf Shrubs

Forsythia  Dwarf Shrubs

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Dwarf Forsythia Forsythia viridissima Bronxensis has attractive bright yellow flowers that are produced in early spring on a low growing compact plant and can be used as a groundcover. It blooms from top to bottom and slightly later flowering than most other Forsythias. The bright green foliage turns a bronze-purple fall color. Dwarf Forsythia is good for mass plantings or used as a low hedge. It is naturally very compact and self-branching so is perfect for todays smaller landscapes. This plant fits well in perennial and shrub borders as well as foundation plantings and needs full sun or light shade. It is a rapid grower and usually matures at about 4 feet in height.

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Forsythia Northern Sun Shrubs

Forsythia  Northern Sun Shrubs

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Northern Sun Forsythia Forsythia Northern Sun is a hardy Forsythia with huge bright spectacular yellow flowers in early spring before the foliage appears. This upright grower has medium green foliage on arching branches and is excellent as a border screen or bank plant. It is specifically recommended for landscape use in northern areas where common Forsythias are not reliably hardy. Pruning is useful to keep the plant shorter and more compact. Northern Sun needs approximately one third of the older stems removed immediately following bloom to encourage the growth of new shoots from the base. The shrub is adaptable to a wide range of soils and has no serious pests or diseases. Plants should receive full sun to encourage more blossoms. It grows 8 to10 feet with a width of 7 to 9 feet.

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Forsythia Weeping Shrubs

Forsythia  Weeping Shrubs

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Weeping Forsythia Forsythia suspensa var. sieboldii is an early spring blooming shrub with bright yellow flowers on widely arching branches. Its yellow flowers appear before the leaves. It is an excellent plant to grow as a bank cover because of its upright arching form. Weeping Forsythia has a clean green summer foliage with a weeping growth habit. The best growing area is in full sun with any reasonable soil and it tolerates city conditions. Weeping Forsythia transplants well and grows rapidly. This Forsythia is useful on banks because the branches root where they touch the ground. It is a deciduous shrub 8 to 10 tall and 10 to 15 wide.

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White Forsythia Shrubs

White Forsythia Shrubs

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White Forsythia abeliophyllum distichum is one of the earliest plants to bloom in spring with fragrant white trumpet-shaped flowers. It is grown primarily for its very early often profuse spring bloom. This Forsythia forms a rounded shape with archin

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Forsythia Spectabilis Shrubs

Forsythia  Spectabilis Shrubs

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The Spectabilis Forsythis Forsythia x intermedia is a showy border Forsythia that transplants readily. It grows at a rapid rate and is long-lived. Tolerates a wide range of soil and light conditions but prefers full sun. Allow plenty of room for plant to spread. Withstands city conditions. Profuse yellow spring flowers are followed by medium green summer foliage. `Spectabilis (Showy Border Forsythia) is the most common forsythia. The profuse yellow flowers of forsythia are considered by many to be the first sure sign of spring. Flowers will last for two or three weeks unless killed by cold. Often used to control erosion on steep slopes because tips of branches root naturally and plants spread easily. Suggested uses for this plant include border specimen plant and screen. Prune in spring after flowering so that buds for the next year can develop in the fall.

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