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Cotoneaster Bearberry Shrubs

Cotoneaster  Bearberry Shrubs

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The Cotoneaster Bearberry Cotoneaster dammeri is a dark green evergreen shrub with glossy leaves. This rapid growing shrub prefers moist well drained soil but it is quite tolerant of a range of soil conditions. Small white flowers appear in the spring and some small red fruit will be produced in the fall. Bearberry is great as a ground cover and is a very easy plant to grow. The foliage will turn a dull dark green to reddish purple in winter..
Cotoneaster Bearberry Shrubs
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Cotoneaster Cranberry Shrubs

Cotoneaster  Cranberry Shrubs

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The Cotoneaster Cranberry Cotoneaster apiculatus is a deciduous shrub that is easily grown in average medium wet well-drained soils in full sun. It has a wide tolerance of soil types.The branches may root where they touch the ground. This dense shrub displays stiffly arching branches. The small pink flowers appear in late spring and they will produce red cranberry-like berries in late summer. The autumn leaf color is very attractive with shades of purple red and bronze. Use this plant to cover large areas as a foundation plant a low informal hedge or for erosion control on steep banks.

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Cotoneaster Peking Shrubs

Cotoneaster  Peking Shrubs

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The Cotoneaster Peking Cotoneaster acutifolia is an erect shrub with slender spreading branches. The Peking Cotoneaster is best used as a hedge or in groupings. This shrub displays yellow to red fall foliage and performs best in moist well-drained soils. This shrub does well in partial shade to full sun light. Cotoneaster may be appreciated more for its dark green foliage than its blossoms. The small flowers are white to pinkish. Three-eighths inch black berries ripen in September and persist through mid-winter and are appreciated by some song birds such as the Robin and Catbird. Use this plant in the landscape for hedges screens and groupings.

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Cotoneaster Rockspray Shrubs

Cotoneaster  Rockspray Shrubs

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The Cotoneaster Rockspray Cotoneaster horizontalis is a deciduous shrub that is best grown in moist loamy well-drained soils in full sun to part shade. Good drainage is essential. The Rockspray is a tough and adaptable plant that can withstand considerable drought once established. The Rockspray is a prostrate horizontally spreading plant. The tiers of horizontal branches arrange themselves in a fishbone pattern. This plant produces small pink flowers in early summer and bright red berries in late summer and fall. Rockspray cotoneaster is a valuable landscape plant which offers good foliage flowers and fruit and provides shelter for small birds. They may be massed as a woody ground cover for sunny areas and used for soil erosion control on banks or steep slopes.

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Cotoneaster Spreading Shrubs

Cotoneaster  Spreading Shrubs

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Spreading Cotoneaster Cotoneaster divaricatus is a beautiful rounded ornamental shrub with pink flowers in the spring. It produces bright red berries in the summer and is one of the best fruiting varieties. The glossy dark green foliage turns red in the fall. It is marginally hardy in zone 4. This medium-sized ornamental shrub matures at about 7 tall by 8 wide and has an upright columnar growth habit in youth but quickly becoming horizontal and spreading with age. Spreading Cotoneaster prefers full sun to partial shade and well-drained soils but is very adaptable and urban tolerant. It has few disease and pest problems. Its fall color is a nice mixture of green yellow orange red and burgundy slowly becoming deciduous.

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Cotoneaster ManyFlowered Shrubs

Cotoneaster  ManyFlowered Shrubs

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The Many-Flowered Cotoneaster Contoneaster multiflorus produces small white flowers in spring (fragrance unpleasant) bright red fruit in autumn and leaves turn a yellow fall color. The flowers have five petals and sepals and are usually borne in clusters. Many-flowered Cotoneaster is one of the few cotoneasters useful for its flowers. Many-Flowered Cotoneaster flowers bloom in early spring and the fruit ripens in September through October. This upright shrub has a fountain-like weeping branch habit and prefers a moist well-drained soil; tolerates alkaline soil. Cotoneasters are widely cultivated for their attractive growth habit small white to pink flowers and small but showy red to black fruit. The shrub can be used as a hedge bank cover in groupings or planted in a mass.

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Cotoneaster Tom Thumb Creeping Shrubs

Cotoneaster  Tom Thumb Creeping Shrubs

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The Tom Thumb Creeping Cotoneaster Cotoneaster adpressus Tom Thumb is an interesting very dwarf very dense and compact ground cover-type shrub. It has a unique appeal because of its very shiny small leaves that turn a brilliant red-crimson in the autumn. Tom Thumb rarely produces flowers and fruit but when it occurs the blooms are small pinkish-white. Then the very small -+ red fruits follow. This cotoneaster spreads by rooting in where the branches touch the soil. Its branches are opposite along the stem so creates a herringbone effect or pattern. Tom Thumb is a true dwarf not only in that it remains very close to the ground but even the leaves are tinier than the species. This low-maintenance miniature woody shrub prefers dry soil (within reason) and full sun though it will do well enough in partial shade. It is a very charming plant!

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Spiraea Tor Shrubs

Spiraea  Tor Shrubs

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The Spirea Tor Spiraea betuliflia Tor is a compact spirea reaching a height and width of 2-3 ft. Its tiny white flower clusters are set against a backdrop of deep green leaves that are almost iridescent in the summer. Foliage turns a deep purplish-red in the fall. The flowers are attractive to butterflies. Light shearing will encourage repeat bloom. Tor blooms on new wood so pruning in late winter or early spring is recommended. Because of its small size and excellent attributes Tor spirea makes a great foundation shrub.

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Yew Margarita Shrubs

Yew  Margarita Shrubs

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The Yew Margarita Taxus m. Margarita a Proven Winners selection is a cool lime green evergreen with a healthy color. Margarita will not burn or turn ugly like some other forms of Yews. Magarita always looks fresh and bright. This Yew will add some cool green color to the landscape. Margarita prefers well drained soil that is moist and a acid to neutral PH.

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