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The Chives Common Allium schoenoprasum has beautiful edible flowers and delicate onion flavored foliage. The Common Chives are at home anywhere. Not many plants do as many things as this plant does and are as easy to grow maintain and they come b.
Chives Common Seeds
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Chives Chinese Garlic Seeds

Chives  Chinese Garlic Seeds

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The Chives Chinese Garlic Jiu Cai Gau Choy Allium tuberosum has leaves flower buds and flowers that have a delightful mild garlic flavor. They can be grown in containers and also can be grown inside. When young the Chinese Garlic Chives leav

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Thyme Common Seeds

Thyme  Common Seeds

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The Thyme Common Thymus vulgaris is a herb for cooks who dont know which herb to use. Thyme will go with almost anything. Thyme is a very elegant small garden shrub. Plant a hedge of thyme around your herb or vegetable garden. The small plant with 1/4 inch leaves and delicate edible flowers appearing in early summer is also a lovely 12 inch landscape plant. This excellent ornamental is great in rock gardens edging small borders and small hedges.The use of Thyme in culinary pursuits is extensive. Thyme plays a part in many French dishes and is great with fish poultry vegetables mushrooms omelets soups bean and lentil casseroles rice and seafood chowders. Thyme is easy to grow from seed. Plant Thyme in warm light loose and well drained soil. Thyme should be planted in the spring 2 weeks after the last average frost date.

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Sorrel Common Seeds

Sorrel  Common Seeds

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The Sorrel or Common Sorrel Rumex acetosa is a hardy perennial. The Sorrel leaves have a sharp lemon/spinach flavor and is one of the earliest spring greens. Sorrel is an underutilized vegetable in the United States and unjustifiably so. Sorrel is

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Chives Organic Organic Plants

Chives  Organic Organic Plants

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Allium ((USDA Organic) Chives Allium schoenoprasum (Chives) is a grass onion that has tube shaped leaves with pink flowers. Oils said to have anti-fungal and insecticide properties. Nice companion plant in gardens. Attractive garden border. When used for cooking it has a delicate onion flavor. Chop generously on seafood especially salmon.

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Witchhazel Common Shrubs

Witchhazel  Common Shrubs

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The Common Witch-Hazel Hamamelis virginiana is extraordinary in its flowering habits. It flowers in late October to early December. Many times its slender yellow petals are the only signs of color in the dormant woods. Witch-hazel is pollinated by the winter moth. After pollination the fruits become dormant for the winter developing over the following growing season and maturing in the fall 10-12 months after pollination. Seeds are dispersed by gravity or are eaten and excreted by birds. Witch-hazel seeds germinate the following spring or enter the seed bank. Early growth is slow and in fact remains slow throughout the life of the tree in its typical shady habitat. As individuals witch-hazel probably does not live more than 100 years but they reproduce from root sprouts and clones may live for a very long time.

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Ninebark Common Shrubs

Ninebark  Common Shrubs

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The Common Ninebark Physocarpus opulifolius is an upright mound shaped spreading shrub with recurved branches. It displays large clusters of spiraea-like white flowers in summer then attractive and persistent fruit pods in the fall. It has arching branches yellow fall color and exfoliating bark. Common ninebark flowers are an excellent nectar source; the fruits are eaten by several species of birds. Its autumn color is a pure yellow. Common Ninebark tolerates both wet and dry sites; tolerates alkaline soil; habitat is usually moist well drained soils along streams and rocky slopes. Fast growing and adaptable Common Ninebark provides season-long color to either the home garden or commercial landscape.

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Herb Common Rosemary Annuals

Herb  Common Rosemary Annuals

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The Rosemary plant Rosmarinus officinalis has a piney flavor and is a must for lamb pork poultry carrots and peas. Rosemary is an excellent container herb for indoors and adds a wonderful aroma. The very aromatic smell of the rosemary will make you fall in love with this herb. The Rosemary has very narrow grey-green needlelike leaves that are 1/2 to 1 inch long. The Rosemary has many culinary uses.Rosemary compliments pork fish lamb poultry wild game mushrooms and pototoes. Add some rosemary to soups and sauces for a little something extra. Steeped in boiled water and inhaled Rosemary will help clear your head if you have a cold. It is very refreshing in bath water and helps make very aromatic potpourris. Both the leaves and the flowers are edible. Plant in the spring. Common Rosemary has great versatility in landscapes containers and gardens.

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Lilac Common purple Shrubs

Lilac  Common purple Shrubs

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The Common Purple Lilac Syringa Vulgaris is well-known and loved by gardeners all over the world for its beauty and fragrance; one of the most powerful fragrances emitted by a plant. This deciduous shrub is used as a hedge or as an individual accent plant. It has light purple flowers occurring in clusters amid the dark-green heart-shaped leaves. This species of lilac the purple lilac produces suckers - new shoots that sprout from the base of the shrub or from the roots. In North American gardens this is a very hardy shrub. Lilacs can withstand severely cold winters (even -35 degrees C) and in fact the species does not grow well in areas without significant frost in wintertime. Captivating fragrance gorgeous flowers.

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